Improving the appearance of your home does not have to be expensive. You can replace one item that will help you to save money, provide better protection for your family and property, and add value to your home. This one item is your front door.

  • Enjoy energy savings. One of the main reasons to replace an old front door is to save money. In fact, installing an Energy Star door can reduce your energy bill by 12 percent! How? Energy Star doors help increase your home’s energy efficiency by providing a better fit and tighter seal. An older door could be costing your hundreds of dollars in lost energy each year. Older doors allow energy to escape because they are worn out or do not have proper insulation. Older doors also allow drafts to easily enter your home. In the summer, they allow cool air to escape and in the colder months, they allow warm air to be removed. When a door has a draft you’re heating or cooling unit will have to work harder in order to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature. This will result in higher electric bills. Don’t continue to spend extra money to keep your home cool or heated, replace your front door and allow your pockets to feel the difference.
  • Weather any storm. Front doors take a lot of abuse both from the weather and the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Replacing your door will protect the interior of your home from outside elements. These elements can be harmful to your family and your home. If rain and other precipitation seep through your front door, mold and other damage may occur to your home. If your interior walls or ceilings are exposed to these types of elements, over time they can become molded and weak. This will result in you needing to have them repaired. Replacing your entry door can also create a secure barrier between you and intruders. Older doors over time can become less sound because exposure to certain elements can cause them to deteriorate. A door that is less secure can allow an intruder to easily break in.
  • Add attractiveness. Changing your front door will add value and attractiveness to your home. A new door will make the exterior of your home look newer. Replacing this one item is an inexpensive investment that will increase the value of your home.

Exterior doors are available in an incredible variety of designs. From traditional steel to ornate, hand-carved wood, you can find a door for any taste or budget.

  • Steel. Steel is the most affordable option today and is a good choice for most climates. It offers strength and durability and requires only minimal maintenance and upkeep. Dress up a steel door with decorative glass inserts.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass doors come in an immense variety of styles with or without decorative glass inserts, and many offer the look of real wood at all budget levels. Fiberglass is built to withstand any climate and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Wood. If your home calls for a stunning entry statement with a handcrafted touch, wood may be the best material for you. Wood doors should be repainted or refinished every year or two to prevent splitting and warping, and they are best maintained under a proper overhang.

What are you waiting for? Replacing your front door is a great way to decrease your utility bill, increase your home’s security and add curb appeal. Take the next step today by calling Pinellas Doors and Windows!